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The Half Moon Newsletter Index

The following is an index to the periodic articles that have been published by the Newtown Historic Association in the Half Moon newsletter.

Subject Title Author(s) Issue
Abolitionists / Slavery Abolitionists in Newtown Marshall, Jeff January 2010
Builders There’s Something Doing in Newtown Marshall, Jeff; and Rounsavill, Brian October, 2006
Cocoonery The Cocoonery: A Craze That Swept Through Newtown Rounsavill, Brian January, 2007
County Seat When Newtown was the County Seat Rounsavill, Brian January, 2006
Court Inn An Architectural History of the Court Inn: The Late Period Mayer, Thomas March, 1998
Court Inn An Architectural History of the Court Inn: The Early Period Mayer, Thomas January, 1998
Court Inn The Early History of the Court Inn Mayer, Thomas June, 1997
Courthouse Tract History of Square #5 on the Courthouse Tract from 1725 to the Middle 19th Century Mayer, Thomas October, 1998
Family History Digging up the Past Rounsavill, Brian October, 2001
Friends Meeting Home Newtown Friends Meeting Home Barnsley, Ned January, 2011
Good Intent School Third Base is Still There Harrison, Jack October, 2000
Gruber Wagon Works The Gruber Wagon Works Randle, Helen March, 1997
Horse Racing in Newtown Newtown Goes Off to the Races Rounsavill, Brian January, 2009
Hungry Ten The Hungry Ten (225-245 South Lincoln Avenue) Rounsavill, Brian March, 2008
Hutchinson House Hutchinson House Memories Hutchinson, Marie October, 2008
Langhorne Speedway The History of the Langhorne Speedway Lauble, Charles March, 2010
Morell Smith The Story of Morell Smith Guy, Jon June, 2009
Newtown Cemetery Chapel The Newtown Cemetery Chapel Randle, Helen March, 1993
Newtown Cemetery Chapel The Newtown Cemetery Chapel: An Historical Note Randle, Helen November, 1991
Newtown Electric Company Newtown Goes Electric Rounsavill, Brian March, 2005
Newtown Enterprise An Enterprise of the Newtown Historic Association and Spruance Library Mansley, Richard January, 1997
Newtown Hardware House Disastrous Fire in Newtown: A Business Block Destroyed Barnsley, Ned July 2011
Newtown Heritage Walk Newtown Heritage Walk Launched – A Self-Guided Historic Wayside Marker Walking Tour Rounsavill, Brian June, 2007 / October, 2007
Newtown Historic Association A Condensed History of the Newtown Historic Association: Part II (1973-1987) Randle, Helen August, 1988
Newtown Historic Association A Condensed History of the Newtown Historic Association: Part I (The First Decade) Randle, Helen May, 1988
Newtown Railroad & Pennsylvania Railroad History The Train Keeps a Rollin’… Spending a Day with George M. Hart Rounsavill, Brian March, 2007
Newtown Station Newtown Railroad Revisited (Parts 1 & 2) by Richard Mansley Rounsavill, Brian March, 2007
Newtown Station Newtown’s Victorian Railroad Station Mansley, Richard June, 1997
Peale, Charles Wilson Peale’s Museum Swanda, Michael June, 1998
Penn Treaty Sign William Penn Landing at Uplands: A Painting by Edward Hicks Walton, Richard January, 1989
Penn’s Land Purchase William Penn’s First Purchase of Land Heinemann, Heinze June, 2008
P. H. Morris A Penny for Your Thoughts: The P. H. Morris Token Rounsavill, Brian January, 2008
Photography Recollections of Our Photographic Past Swanda, Michael October, 1997
Sunset Oak On the Trail of the Sunset Oak Rounsavill, Brian June, 2005
Toll House The Toll House: A Brief History Randle, Helen October 1992
Toll House The Toll House: An Example of the Trials, Tribulations and Rewards of Saving a Historic Landmark Randle, Helen January 1993
Washington’s Headquarters George Washington Did More Than Just Sleep Here Rounsavill, Brian June, 2006

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Upcoming Events

The one-day-only “Tribute to Local Veterans” is the NHA’s annual Memorial Day event to honor local soldiers.

Memorial Day Tribute to Local Veterans at the Callahan Research Center

May 27, 10:00am - 2:00pm

The one-day-only “Tribute to Local Veterans” is the NHA’s annual Memorial Day event to honor local soldiers.


NHA’s Annual Garden Walk

June 01, 8:00am - 1:00pm

Please join us for a view of some very special Newtown gardens, and to meet the very talented gardeners who created them.


Elementary School Walking Tour

June 06, 9:30am - 12:00pm

The Elementary School Walking Tour of historic sites in Newtown is the NHA’s annual event to share the history of our town—first-hand—with the children who live here.



The Edward Hicks Room

The Newtown Historic Association invites you back in time to experience the life of Newtown's most famous artist, Edward Hicks. The Edward Hicks Room displays many of the treasures owned by Hicks during his lifetime. These items include a double-faced swinging sign portraying William Penn's Treaty with the Indians and Penn's Landing at Chester in 1844...learn more


We invite you to sign up to stay informed of upcoming events, educational programs and community activities. Most are held in our historic Half Moon Inn, a tavern in the early days of Newtown, and are open to the public.

Join the celebration of our past and help ensure the preservation of our future.