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Looking for something to do on a Sunday afternoon? Hoping to entertain those out-of-town guests? Trying to get your steps in? Or are you interested in learning more about the buildings that you usually drive by? Well, look no further. Come and explore Newtown in a whole new way by taking one of our walking tours.

Newtown’s historic charm is a legacy left by the many people who have contributed to its rich heritage. Brochures and maps are available at the Newtown Historic Association headquarters, or download and print the following walking tours and enjoy them on your next visit to town:

Newtown Heritage Walk

Enjoy this self-guided tour which includes 34 historic markers that are walkable across Newtown Boro and Newtown Township. It also includes the History Detective Contest and is great fun for families!

A Walking Tour of Newtown

This self-guided tour of buildings in Newtown Borough and Newtown Township was originally written in 1961 and has been updated over the years.

Revolutionary Sites Walking Tour

Take a self-guided tour of the places in Newtown that were present during the Revolutionary War. Learn the names of the Streets during that time and the reason for them being changed.

Architectural Scavenger Hunt

architecture-details-contestIn 1997, the Newtown Historic Association and the Newtown Business Association jointly developed an “Architectural Detail Contest.” The contest was held in celebration of National Preservation Week, May 11-17, 1997. Fifteen close-up photos were printed in The Advance, along with an entry form, and the goal was to identify all of the buildings by their details. The first-place prize was “Dinner and lodging for one night (double occupancy) at The Brick Hotel.” You can see the original contest printing here.

Watch this space for a new, updated twist on this contest — our Architectural Scavenger Hunt, coming soon!

Guided Tours

Fifth Grade Walking Tour
Every year in early June, children from the local schools take a walking tour of historic sites. The Newtown Historic Association has run this tour for over 30 years. This has proved to be a very popular event with the children and enables them to learn about their heritage and local government. See the NHA Events Calendar for information on the next edition of this tour.

Walking Tour of the Newtown Cemetery
This tour is held annually and includes a range of themes to honor past Newtown residents and their accomplishments. Previous tours have highlighted interesting headstones and individual histories, Civil War soldiers, and Newtown business owners. Watch for the next tour on the NHA Events Calendar and come out and learn about those who have left their mark on Newtown.

Upcoming Events

The one-day-only “Tribute to Local Veterans” is the NHA’s annual Memorial Day event to honor local soldiers.

Memorial Day Tribute to Local Veterans at the Callahan Research Center

May 27, 10:00am - 2:00pm

The one-day-only “Tribute to Local Veterans” is the NHA’s annual Memorial Day event to honor local soldiers.


NHA’s Annual Garden Walk

June 01, 8:00am - 1:00pm

Please join us for a view of some very special Newtown gardens, and to meet the very talented gardeners who created them.


Elementary School Walking Tour

June 06, 9:30am - 12:00pm

The Elementary School Walking Tour of historic sites in Newtown is the NHA’s annual event to share the history of our town—first-hand—with the children who live here.



The Edward Hicks Room

The Newtown Historic Association invites you back in time to experience the life of Newtown's most famous artist, Edward Hicks. The Edward Hicks Room displays many of the treasures owned by Hicks during his lifetime. These items include a double-faced swinging sign portraying William Penn's Treaty with the Indians and Penn's Landing at Chester in 1844...learn more


We invite you to sign up to stay informed of upcoming events, educational programs and community activities. Most are held in our historic Half Moon Inn, a tavern in the early days of Newtown, and are open to the public.

Join the celebration of our past and help ensure the preservation of our future.